Trump hints at vaccine before polls, experts say it must be devoid of political considerations.

Washington: By all current indications, a novel Coronavirus vaccine is likely to become available by early next year. If that happens, it would be the fastest vaccine to be ever developed.

Amidst an unprecedented race to develop a vaccine by a pre-determined deadline, nearly 400 medical experts in the United States have written to the Food and Drug Administration asking it to ensure that a novel Coronavirus vaccine was approved only after a transparent and rigorous process that was “devoid of political considerations”.

The letter came on a day the US President Donald Trump said that it was possible that a Coronavirus vaccine was made available even before November 3, the date Americans will vote to elect their new President. Trump is seeking re-election.

Asked whether he thought a vaccine would boost his chances of re-election, Trump said, “It wouldn’t hurt”, before adding that he was not pushing for an early vaccine for that reason, but because he wanted to “save a lot of lives”.

Anthony Fauci, the top infectious diseases expert in the United States, has said that he had discussed the issue of political pressure with the regulatory authorities and had been assured that the safety and efficacy of the vaccine would be the “prime consideration” while approving any vaccine. Fauci made these remarks in an interview with Reuters. He also reiterated that he was “cautiously optimistic” that a vaccine would become available early next year.