Suspected Pakistani intruder shot dead by BSF on International Border near Gujarat, Rajasthan.

Kuch: The BSF is on high alert in view of Independence Day on August 15.

The Border Security Force (BSF) Saturday shot dead a suspected Pakistani intruder who was trying to sneak across the International Border, close to Gujarat and Rajasthan border, official sources said.

A night patrol party of the BSF spotted a man who first crossed over the IB and then climbed over the fence on the intervening night of August 7 and 8, 2020. According to BSF officials, the intruder was challenged and fired upon after he crossed over the border fence. “It was dark and the forces fired in self defence. You never know if the intruder trying to cross over is carrying arms,” said a senior BSF official.

The intruder who hid himself behind a bush after running away was later found dead on the Indian side when the BSF personnel searched the area.

“The body was found on the Indian side of the fence. He seemed to have scaled over it as the fence in the region was found intact. The incident happened just two kilometres from the Gujarat-Rajasthan border, where the Rann of Kutch ends and is near the first BOP (Border Observation Post) of Barmer in Rajasthan,” said an official from Gandhinagar headquarters of BSF which is responsible for manning the IB till Barmer in Rajasthan.

After the incident, BSF officials approached the Pakistani Rangers to help identify the intruder who was wearing a light blue shirt, and was frail in built.

When asked why the intruder was fired upon, the official said, “In the past too, we have taken intruders into custody for crossing the border. But these incidents used to happen during the day and most of them would be persons with unsound minds. They would simply cross the boundary and stand near the fence. No one has attempted to negotiate the fence or climbed over it in this area in the recent past,” the official added.

An official release from the BSF regarding the incident stated: “At the same moment, BSF troops also noticed movement on Pakistani side. Earlier, similar attempts made by Pakistan during day time were foiled by BSF. However, this is the first time that infiltration attempt has been made during night time in this area.”

The BSF is on high alert in view of Independence Day on August 15, the release added.