UK PM Boris Johnson Asks Schools To Reopen By September With .

London: In a meeting held on August 6, UK PM reportedly said that not attending schools or getting a learning environment was more damaging to the mental health of children 

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson on August 8 insisted that schools must reopen in September with “full attendance” after the relaxation of lockdown protocols as it remains a “national priority”, according to reports. Johnson said that his administration would help schools return to full capacity by maximizing the bubble of over 15 pupils per classroom. Additionally, he ordered a public relations campaign to ensure the reopening calling it the “last place” to close despite local restrictions. 

In a meeting held on August 6, PM Boris Johnson reportedly said that not attending schools or getting a learning environment was more damaging to the mental health of children and their education than the low risk posed by the novel coronavirus. He urged the schools to manage the "safe returning" of the kids to the classrooms. However, England chief medical officer was reported saying that the country was “near limit” of reopening the society and it may be the time that the bars and other non-essential activities needed to shut down, a local report confirmed. Prof Graham Medley reportedly said that re-opening of schools was a trade-off but it was definitely a priority in the UK for kids and parents wellbeing.  

Only this week, the UK rolled measures for the phased reopening of casinos, bowling alleys, skating rinks, and some close-contact services, as per the media reports. Further, it allowed indoor performances. The large gathering at sports venues, conference centers, and cinema halls would be considered to reopen post a fortnight, PM Johnson said, according to reports.

Need to "squeeze the brake pedal"

At a Downing Street press conference on August 8, Johnson insisted that there was a dire need to "squeeze the brake pedal" to ease lockdown restrictions in some parts witnessing the COVID-19 cases surge. Further, England chief medical officer, Prof Chris Whitty, warned at the press conference that the UK had near- limits reopened the society, however, pupils needed to return to classrooms next month as has been planned by the government.