Sanjeev Kapoor shows how to make modak katli; recipe inside.

Instead of rice flour, use almond flour to make modaks

Modaks are not just Bappa’s favourite, the delicious sweet dish is equally loved by his devotess and many others. In fact, these mouthwatering dumplings have many health benefits too.

Now, what if you get the taste of both katli and modak in the same dish? Celebrity chef Sanjeev Kapoor just showed how to make modak katlis but instead of rice flour, he used almond flour.

“Almonds or badam and mithais, go hand in hand! Then why not make modaks too with this all-time favourite nut?” Kapoor wrote on Instagram.

Try this easy recipe:


1 cup – Water

1 cup – Sugar

2 tsp – Milk

Moist muslin cloth

1 tbsp – Liquid glucose

1¾ cups – Almond flour

¾ tbsp – Ghee

¼ tsp – Green cardamom powder


* Heat water in a pan. Add sugar and milk and mix well. Bring it to boil.

* With a spoon, scoop the scum from the mixture and discard. Use a moist muslin cloth to clean the sides.

* Cook till 3 string consistency.

* Add liquid glucose and stir.

* Add almond flour and mix well to get a paste-like consistency.

* Now add ghee and mix.

* Take out the almond flour dough into a bowl and allow it to cool. Make sure to spread out the mixture. Dab some ghee on top.

* Add cardamom powder and knead the dough.

* Take portions of the dough and put it in a modak mould. Set aside for 10 mins.

* Open the mould after 10 mins and transfer the modaks on to a serving plate.

When are you trying this?