Most young girls would not post a selfie without editing it, survey finds.

 New Delhi : It was also found in the survey that as many as 40 per cent of respondents wished they could look like their online versions in real life

Almost one-third of young girls in the age bracket of 11-21 years do not post a selfie online without editing their appearance first, a survey has found. According to The Independent, some 2,186 participants were surveyed for the "annual Girls of Girlguiding" Attitudes report, and it was found that "acceptance" was a common reason for girls to alter their pictures. Almost half of the surveyed participants admitted that they regularly altered their appearance in the photos that they clicked.

The survey further found that 33 per cent of the respondents would delete their selfies after posting them if they did not receive enough "positive reactions". In fact, the older participants of the age group were more likely to edit their pictures. It was also found that as many as 40 per cent of respondents wished they could look like their online versions in real life.

For the annual survey, the UK-based respondents were asked questions about everyday life, so as to understand what they thought about a wide range of issues. The outlet reports that results for 2020 suggested “increased time spent online during lockdown, coupled with exposure to unrealistic images of girls and young women, is exacerbating the pressures they face”.

The survey results also showed that the LGBTQ+ respondents were most likely to feel pressured to change their appearance, upon viewing online adverts.

“Young people are an important part of our recovery, but they are undoubtedly one of  hardest hit of society by the impact of the pandemic. We are proud to be able to offer girls and young women help and support to navigate these relentless pressures and aim to extend our reach further, so even more can benefit from the support Girlguiding provides,” Girlguiding chief executive Angela Salt was quoted as saying.


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